In the right hands, great ingredients can become something amazing. Something delicious. Something indulgent. Something unforgettable. Which are exactly the kind of somethings we make fresh. Every day.

Jen Doan Photography
Jen Doan Photography
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Okay, so it’s pretty simple. We love baking. And bakeries. And pretty much anything fresh from the oven.

But what we love most is making people happy. Giving them a great start to their day. Or an amazing reward along the way. A quick lunch. Or the perfect excuse to linger with a friend.

Flour & Co is the place where everything we love comes together. It’s about bringing together the best ingredients we can find and combining them in ways that are simple and delicious.

It’s a place to feel welcome and comfortable.

That’s why we opened our doors and it’s why we love opening them again each morning.

See you soon!

Emily Day

First thing you remember baking: chocolate chip cookies with Mom

Favorite goodie: a soft and chewy cookie – chocolate chip may be my favorite, but peanut butter or molasses are right up there too

Favorite ingredient: brown sugar

What’s the best part of your day: meal time!

Perfect breakfast: at a diner – scrambled eggs, bacon, homefries, with a pancake side….or a good old glazed donut if the diner is a no go

Dessert first or second: first and second

Best workday soundtrack: it’s all over the map – depends on the day and the duties

Personal mantra: get ‘er done

I see the glass half… Full!

Cats or dogs: cats are pretty irresistible

Jamy S.
Production Manager

First thing you remember baking: Chocolate chip cookies with my mom

Favorite goodie: Definitely cookies. Especially peanut butter.

Favorite ingredient: I would have to say vanilla. I love what it adds to the recipe. It even makes chocolate taste better.

What’s the best part of your day: The beginning. At that point, the day can be whatever you want it to be.

Perfect breakfast: Vanilla yogurt, good granola and fresh fruit

Dessert first or second: Dessert always

Best workday soundtrack: It depends on my mood, really. But you can’t go wrong with Michael Jackson or a nice 80s mix

Personal mantra: thinking…

I see the glass half… FULL

Cats or dogs: Dogs, definitely

Shelby B.
Kitchen Team

First thing you remember baking: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!

Favorite goodie: Cookies – any and every kind.

Favorite ingredient: Definitely vanilla beans, but olive oil is a close second.

What’s the best part of your day: Time to eat!

Perfect breakfast: A fluffy waffle topped with fresh fruit and a glass of extra pulp OJ. :)

Dessert first or second: Dessert times infinity.

Best workday soundtrack: Anything a little upbeat to keep me going.

Personal mantra: Live Life, Love Food & Be Free.

I see the glass half…Full!

Cats or dogs: I love all animals!

Brittany V.
Kitchen Team

First thing you remember baking: Long days of bread baking with my mom, using our steam radiators to assist the dough rising. Favorite goodie: In the last few years, I have fallen in love with a pastry called a Kouign-amann–a dense sort of puff pastry that is almost creamy in the center, while crunchy with crystalized sugar around the edges. A while after becoming obsessed with these bites of joy, I discovered they were from the Brittany region of France, which seemed all too perfect! Favorite ingredient: I know it is unpopular with a lot of people (they say it tastes like soap), but I absolutely love lavender in sweets. I’m also a huge fan of rose water, rhubarb and candied meyer lemon. What’s the best part of your day: Whenever I get time alone in the kitchen to try a new recipe. Or, when I get to spend some play time with my kitten. Perfect breakfast: Slow, soft scrambled eggs with any sort of leafy green and topped with creme fraiche, with a side of warm, buttered bread and ripe fruit. And a cappuccino! (Who am I kidding? A slice of cold pie!) Dessert first or second: Dessert as separate mini meals! Best workday soundtrack: I once worked in a kitchen where we established bluegrass fridays. Blasting Old Crow Medicine Show, Dr. Dog and Trampled By Turtles during prep certainly keeps the kitchen alive. Personal mantra: I’d say this changes daily for me, depending on my state of mind and my obstacles, but I know one sentence I can tell myself that will get me through any trivial struggles: “You can have a slice of pie when you get home tonight”. I see the glass half… hopefully full of one of my mom’s fresh squeezed juice concoctions. Or an iced cappuccino. Cats or dogs: I always need to have a feline in my life. As I write this, my wonderful kitten, Ira Kousmichoff Vock, is cuddling by my side.

Salah B.
Retail Team

First thing you remember baking:  Banana Bread with my mom. may she rest in peace.

Favorite goodie:  coconut ice cream, anything with streusel crumble

Favorite ingredient:  #Cheese

What’s the best part of your day:  Whatever gets me to laugh the most

Perfect breakfast:  Omelet loaded with veggies and cheese, potatoes o’brien, toast on the side.

Dessert first or second:  Simultaneously ;-)

Best workday soundtrack:  Thats a tough one. Some Michael Jackson, some house and techno, bunch of 80s and of course good old fashioned rock and roll. Mix well.

Personal mantra:

I see the glass half… There is no glass

Cats or dogs: Dogs are our best friends and save lives. Cats are….so overrated.

Domonique H.
Kitchen Team

First thing you remember baking: I remember baking cake with my mom for the first time.
Favorite goodie:  Hands down I think anything with laminated dough lol

Favorite ingredient: hmmm chocolate!

What’s the best part of your day: Going home to my beautiful daughter

Perfect breakfast: A mimosa with fresh fruit and French Toast!

Dessert first or second: I always crave some sort of sweet each day. Depending on the craving I sometimes eat my dessert first! Nothing wrong with that :D

Best workday soundtrack: I’ll listen to some Lana Del Rey or Arctic Monkeys!

Personal mantra: There’s always tomorrow! Action Conquers fear!

I see the glass half... Full!

Cats or dogs: Definitely DOGS!

Daryl A.
Kitchen Support Team

First thing you remember baking: I’ve never baked!

Favorite goodie: Candy! Lemon Heads

Favorite ingredient: Pasta

What’s the best part of your day: When I wake up and I know I have hours to myself to get things accomplished before work.

Perfect breakfast: Eggs over easy, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and toast

Dessert first or second: I eat dessert all day.

Best workday soundtrack: Akon

Personal mantra: I have one very powerful business rule. It is concentrated in one word: Courtesy.

I see the glass half: empty

Cats or dogs: Dogs although I’m starting to like cats too. They’re not bad.

Susan W.
Retail Team

First thing you remember baking: The earliest baking memory I have is making peanut butter cookies with my grandmother. Favorite goodie: My favorite goodie is definitely anything with chocolate! Favorite ingredient: Cinnamon! What’s the best part of your day: I love the end of the day, when everything is winding down and I can just relax. Perfect breakfast: Yogurt and granola with some fresh fruit! Dessert first or second: Dessert definitely comes second. Best workday soundtrack: Hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Personal mantra: You can always find a way. I see the glass half Full! Cats or dogs: I love both cats and dogs, but my final answer is dogs.

Sergio G.
General Manager

First thing you remember bakingWith a little help from Sara Lee and her frozen crust, I made Apple pie! I remember using a blender and whole apples-  I was very young so what I lacked in experience I made up for in copious amounts of sugar and cinnamon. Success.

Favorite goodie: Honestly? A Slurpee, all flavors mixed together, but mostly whatever the blue flavor is.​

Favorite ingredient: Cheese

What’s the best part of your day: Any time I get with loved ones.​

Perfect breakfast:With friends!​

 Dessert first or second:  Does it really matter? I always clear my plates.​

Best workday soundtrack: 80’s​

 Personal mantra: So lucky.​

 I see the glass half…Full​, of course​

​.​Cats or dogs: I have never heard of a cat protecting it’s loved ones. Just saying..​
Julia B.
Retail Team

First thing you remember baking: My grandma’s horns of plenty for thanksgiving.

Favorite goodie: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite ingredient: Pumpkin

What’s the best part of your day: My morning cup of coffee.

Perfect breakfast: French Toast with strawberries, whipped cream, good maple syrup,…and peanut butter

Dessert first or second: Second. Best for last!

Best workday soundtrack: Sam Smith! I love him. He melts my heart.

Personal mantra: Work hard, stay humble.

I see the glass half: Full

Cats or dogs: Dogs all the way.

Haley R.
Kitchen Team

First thing you remember baking: Rolled sugar cookies with my mother and sister.

Favorite goodie: Lemon bars! Actually, lemon anything.

Favorite ingredient: Culinary lavender because I love its complexity and aroma. Plus, it sounds super fancy!

What’s the best part of your day: Because I wake up so early, I love coming home after a long day of school and/or work and realizing that the day isn’t over yet.

Perfect breakfast: Vegan banana french toast with maple syrup. YUMMM.

Dessert first or second: First, second, and third!

Best workday soundtrack: Everything Liza Minnelli. I love her!

Personal mantra: “I am, I am, I am” Silvia Plath

I see the glass half…Full, keep on the sunny side!

Cats or dogs: Cats. Fat cats.

Community Board

Community at Flour & Co starts on the inside.  It's warm, cozy, and full of conversation.  We love to be the place where you can have breakfast with a friend, join a meet up, have a coffee date, or simply get a hello from the friendly person behind the counter (that's us!).

While community starts within, it goes far beyond our four walls.  We work hard to maintain our storefront, we smile and say hello as we walk by our neighbors on the street, we donate to neighborhood organizations, we support a few national causes, and we volunteer regularly.

Want Flour & Co to donate to your local, community cause?  Email your official request to  A month notice is needed to consider a donation.  Due to the number of donation requests that we receive, we may not be able to get back to each requester personally.  We thank you for thinking of us and we wish you the best of luck in your outreach.

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The Good Stuff

All of our baked goods are made from all natural and often organic ingredients. We change things up with the seasons, and we don’t mess around with processed stuff like canned sweetened condensed milk (that doesn’t even sound good), corn syrup, food colorings and artificial flavorings.

All of which is a long way of saying we don’t skimp. We’re all about the good stuff – enjoyed in moderation.